Sport & outdoor

The company NANOMEMBRANE offers a comprehensive line of laminates with membrane intended for sports and outdoor applications, providing the best comfort properties without compromises, including the best vapor permeability in the world, 100% wind resistance and excellent hydrostatic resistance. The laminates are offered in the option two-layer and three-layer. All laminates have a hydrophobic finish using so called DWR treatment.

Two layer laminates

Two layer laminates are offered with hydrophilic polyurethane membrane and providing unrivaled removal of moisture from the skin to the environment. The materials retains a sufficiently high water column and a 100% wind resistance. These laminates are intended primarily for winter clothes with an insulated layer or loose lining.

upper material membrane

Three layer laminates

Three layer laminates are offered in the option with PU nanofibrous membrane, PU hydrophilic membrane and PTFE membrane. They are intended for hardshell, softshell, fleece and sublimation printing. Laminates with nanofibrous membrane are characterized by extremely high vapor permeability. Laminates with hydrophilic PU membrane are characterized by high water column and long life.

upper material lining membrane