The company NANOMEMBRANE is a first company in the world to develop a special line of laminates with a nanofibrous membrane for use in the production of shoes, be it for sports, outdoor or fashion purposes. Like when used in clothing, the NANOMEMBRANE nanofibrous membrane offers the best possible parameters in terms of comfort, including the best vapor permeability in the world, 100% wind resistance or extreme hydrostatic resistance. Laminates with the NANOMEMBRANE nanofibrous membrane are ideal for extreme climatic conditions and have excellent durability.


Three layer laminates

Three layer laminates with NANOMEMBRANE offer extreme vapour resistance, which depending on the type of material, starts from Ret value of 1.9, while retaining 100% wind resistance and high hydrostatic resistance. This type of laminate is intended primarily for sports and outdoor shoes, but also for fashion shoes that require high moisture removal especially in summer months.

  • Height of water column from 16 000 mm
  • Vapor permeability Ret value from 1,9
  • Wind resistance 100%

upper material lining membrane

Four layer laminates

This line, depending on the chosen material, can be used as all-season or purely winter footwear for sports and outdoor. This line boasts excellent vapor permeability and mainly high hydrostatic resistance to keep your skin dry under any conditions.

  • Height of water column from 30 000 mm
  • Vapor permeability Ret value from 6,9
  • Wind resistance 100%

upper material warm layer tech knitt membrane

Technology Nanomembrane

Thanks to a unique nanofibrous structure with the fibre diameter of less than 150 nm, on 1 cm2 the NANOMEMBRANE nanofibrous membrane has 25% more pores than microporous membranes. This helps the NANOMEMBRANE achieve unique attributes that no other membranes in the world can match. It is no secret that the NANOMEMBRANE nanofibrous membrane is very similar to human skin, thanks to which NANOMEMBRANE can boast extremely high vapour permeability, i.e. the ability to remove bodily moisture from human skin to the external environment. Vapor permeability of the two layer laminate with nanofibrous membrane is from Ret 0,89. Moreover, the NANOMEMBRANE nanofibrous membrane is 100% wind resistant and it boasts extreme hydrostatic resistance.

Unlike other manufacturers, our company offers not only a choice of our own collection of woven and knitted fabrics, from which we can create a laminate according to your requirements, but we can also laminate on your materials. These materials, however, have to undergo a series of tests. If the material passes all the tests, we can laminate our unique Nanomembrane onto it.

Comparison of the vapor permeability membranes

Hydrophilic Nanomembrane (nanofibrous) Microporous

Vapor permeability two layer laminates: from Ret 0,89/130 000 g/m2/24 h THE BEST VAPOR PERMEABILITY IN THE WORLD

Quality and testing

The company NANOMEMBRANE manufactures all of its products in the Czech Republic to ensure first-class quality, which is of utmost importance for the company. All research and testing of new as well as existing products is ensured by the company NANOMEMBRANE in cooperation with the Faculty of Textile Engineering of The Technical University of Liberec. Every product leaving the production line is tested by an independent laboratory and receives a certificate certifying the highest quality.

And finally, each product is tested not only in the laboratory but also by our test team, which consists of a number of top athletes as well as outdoor enthusiasts, who test each newly developed product in real conditions.

The company NANOMEMBRANE inspects the quality of its products on a regular basis and always seeks new trends, invests in new technologies and constantly improves its product lines especially in terms of user comfort. The company aims to improve its products and develop new, better and unique properties of its product lines so that they meet all requirements even of the most demanding customer to their complete satisfaction.

As a manufacturer of hi-tech technology with high added value, the company NANOMEMBRANE understands that every customer has their requirements that may in some cases be very specific. That is why NANOMEMBRANE is ready to offer assistance in developing and creating a fully specific and unique custom-made product.

Hydrostatic resistance - SDL ATLAS Hydrostatic Head tester

We measure the resistance of the laminate to water and of the water column. The minimum height of water column is 5,000 mm.

Wind resistance - FX 3300

Resistance of the laminate to wind; no laminate may have a lower value than 10 l/m2/s.

Spray test - SDL Atlas

Simulation of rain. Every laminate or fabric must meet the requirements of ISO 5, i.e. be absolutely water repellent.

Vapor permeability - Permetest

We measure the permeability of moisture (sweat) through the laminate. All values are given in RET, as this is the most objective method of measurement.

Abrasion resistance - Martindale

Measurement of abrasion resistance of the upper and inside materials. Every laminate must have the highest abrasion resistance for the specific activity.

Washing cycles - Miele Professional W6071

Measurement of resistance of the laminates against washing in automatic wash machine; at least 5 washing cycles.

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