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Zdeněk „Háček“ Hák tested our materials Nanomembrane

Leading Czech skialpinist, mountaineer and mountain guide Zdeněk „Háček“ Hák tested our materials Nanomembrane in Gasherbrun – Pakistan during one of his mission. Check his opinions and review of our materials in very interesting video.

Nanomembrane materials was tested by Icy Antarctica

Nanomembrane materials was tested by Icy Antarctica

Polar explorers have tested the first products that are trying for the „Tested in Antarctica“ trademark. Polar team resisted Icy Antarctica in jackets from a czech company Faramugo made from Nanomembrane materials. Jackets was made from material with internal designation 101, which has got abrasion resistence 100 000 Martindale. The company Faramugo equiped the polars also with pants, sleeves and gloves.

Best product in membrane & coating category

Best product in membrane & coating category

We would like to inform you that our product from fashion line was selected as BEST PRODUCT in MEMBRANE & COATING CATEGORY in ISPO TEXTRENDS competition.

The selected material will be exposed at our stand NANOMEMBRANE in hall C4 stand number 304 at Ispo 2018.

The Toxic Truth About A New Generation of Nonstick and Waterproof Chemicals

Ten years ago, DuPont was forced to phase out a key chemical in making Teflon, after revelations that for nearly 45 years the company covered up evidence of its health hazards, including cancer and birth defects. But a new EWG investigation finds that the chemicals pushed by DuPont and other companies to replace the Teflon chemical and similar perfluorinated compounds, or PFCs – already in wide use in food wrappers and outdoor clothing – may not be much – if at all – safer. Read more


Waterproof, non-stick and deadly: PFCs in outdoor gear are contaminating nature

Greenpeace urges outdoor lovers to reject the chemicals used in popular weather-resistant fabrics.

The highly successful #Detox campaign that Greenpeace launched last year has moved beyond the fashion world into the great outdoors. During the months of May and June, the organization is sponsoring seven expeditions to famous remote regions of the world to measure the presence of per- and polyfluorinated chemicals (PFCs). Read more

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Per-or poly-fluorochemicals, known as PFCs, constitute a multi-billion dollar family of chemicals that are widely used to make water-, grease-and stain-repellent coatings and for other purposes in a vast array of consumer goods and industrial applications. These chemicals are notoriously persistent in the environment and the human body, and some have been linked to serious health effects. Read more