Hydrophobic Extreme

It is a highly hydrophobic and oleophobic treatment of synthetic and natural (cotton, silk) textiles. The principle of the Hydrophobic Extreme treatment consists in every single fibre being coated with a thin layer of nanoparticles. The result is an extremely high level of hydrophobic and oleophobic treatment that prevents water, wine, coffee or grease from adhering onto the surface of textiles. This results in a self-cleaning effect similar to that of lotus leaves. Unlike products from other manufacturers, the HYDROPHOBIC EXTREME treatment uses a patented and ground-breaking innovation in the field of hydrophobic and oleophobic treatments. This innovation, besides the already mentioned unrivalled quality, is no use of WATER during the treatment of textiles. No water is contaminated during the process and we even save energy as there is no necessity to dry the treated textile since the entire treatment process is dry.


In contrast with normal hydrophobic and oleophobic treatments, there is no clogging of the interfibre pores and subsequent deterioration of the capacity to remove moisture from the skin and transfer it through the textile. It has been scientifically proved that the Hydrophobic Extreme treatment is at least four times more durable than materials from other manufacturers, saving the customer time and money.

This treatment helps to relieve the strain on the environment as the clothing does not need to be washed so often. Our water-repellent treatment is very environmentally friendly and does not use PFOA.

All woven and knitted fabrics laminated by the NANOMEMBRANE nanofibrous membrane are factory-treated with Hydrophobic Extreme.

before application material after application
Hydrophobic Extreme

Quality and testing

The company NANOMEMBRANE manufactures all of its products in the Czech Republic to ensure first-class quality, which is of utmost importance for the company. All research and testing of new as well as existing products is ensured by the company NANOMEMBRANE in cooperation with the Faculty of Textile Engineering of The Technical University of Liberec. Every product leaving the production line is tested by an independent laboratory and receives a certificate certifying the highest quality.

And finally, each product is tested not only in the laboratory but also by our test team, which consists of a number of top athletes as well as outdoor enthusiasts, who test each newly developed product in real conditions.

The company NANOMEMBRANE inspects the quality of its products on a regular basis and always seeks new trends, invests in new technologies and constantly improves its product lines especially in terms of user comfort. The company aims to improve its products and develop new, better and unique properties of its product lines so that they meet all requirements even of the most demanding customer to their complete satisfaction.

As a manufacturer of hi-tech technology with high added value, the company NANOMEMBRANE understands that every customer has their requirements that may in some cases be very specific. That is why NANOMEMBRANE is ready to offer assistance in developing and creating a fully specific and unique custom-made product.

Hydrostatic resistance - SDL ATLAS Hydrostatic Head tester

We measure the resistance of the laminate to water and of the water column. The minimum height of water column is 5,000 mm.

Wind resistance - FX 3300

Resistance of the laminate to wind; no laminate may have a lower value than 10 l/m2/s.

Spray test - SDL Atlas

Simulation of rain. Every laminate or fabric must meet the requirements of ISO 5, i.e. be absolutely water repellent.

Vapor permeability - Permetest

We measure the permeability of moisture (sweat) through the laminate. All values are given in RET, as this is the most objective method of measurement.

Abrasion resistance - Martindale

Measurement of abrasion resistance of the upper and inside materials. Every laminate must have the highest abrasion resistance for the specific activity.

Washing cycles - Miele Professional W6071

Measurement of resistance of the laminates against washing in automatic wash machine; at least 5 washing cycles.

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